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Step-by-step Tutorials

Easy DIY Painted Pillows

Cutting Edge Stencils shares DIY painted pillows using the Antico Paint-A-Pillow kit. http://paintapillow.com/index.php/antico-paint-a-pillow-kit.html

Create Beautiful Accent Pillows with a Paint-A-Pillow Kit Good morning, my crafty friends.  Did you have a snow day yesterday?  The folks here at Cutting Edge Stencils did! Hopefully if you had the chance to sleep in, you also had some time to think about your bedroom decor.  Sometimes all it takes to freshen up […]

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Learn How to Stencil A Tree Skirt

Cutting Edge Stencils shares how to stencil a DIY tree skirt using the Moroccan Tiles stencil pattern. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/moroccan-tiles-wall-pattern.html

A DIY Moroccan Dream Stenciled Christmas Tree Skirt Good morning, my DIY crafters!  Are you rockin’ around your Christmas tree ready to have a happy holiday? Cutting Edge Stencils sure is! Decorating the tree with lights and garland can be a fun-filled family activity.    When you take a step back, does it seem like you’re […]

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Customize A Tote Bag Using The Japanese Peonies Stencil

Cutting Edge Stencils shares how to stencil a tote bag using the Japanese Peonies Allover Stencil pattern. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/japanese-peonies-floral-stencil-pattern.html

Learn How to Personalize A Plain Tote Bag Using Stencils Good morning, my crafters!  Cutting Edge Stencils is curious what you’ve been using to cart your goods? Please don’t tell us that you’ve been strutting your stuff around town with a plain jane tote.  Before the fashion police step in, we are here to help!  […]

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Stenciling A Cement Floor With A Moroccan Pattern

Cutting Edge Stencils shares a DIY stenciled cement floor in a laundry room using the Moroccan Tiles pattern. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/moroccan-tiles-wall-pattern.html

A Stenciled Cement Floor Rocks This Laundry Room Remodel Good morning, my DIY friends.  We’re willing to make a bet that you’d agree  that concrete and cement floors can be drab.  We, at Cutting Edge Stencils, feel these  bare floors can be greatly enhanced by spicing them up with color or a stencil pattern! Ashley, […]

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Learn How to Stencil the Brick Allover Pattern

Cutting Edge Stencils shares how to stencil the Brick Allover pattern. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/bricks-stencil-allover-pattern-stencils.html

Step By Step Tutorial for Stenciling the NEW Brick Stencil Happy Tuesday, my DIY stenciling friends!  Cutting Edge Stencils hopes you enjoyed meeting our NEW stencil designs yesterday.  If you haven’t had a chance to browse the new collection then hop on over here and do so! For those of you who have had a […]

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Embellish Your Table Decor With A DIY Stenciled Tablecloth

Cutting Edge Stencils shares a DIY stenciled tablecloth tutorial. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/wall-stencils.html

Stencil Tutorial: How To Stencil A Tablecloth For A Garden Event Good morning, my DIY home decorators!  Cutting Edge Stencils loves this time of year in Northern NJ because the sun is shining and the gardens are in full bloom.  It’s also a super popular time to host an outdoor event, like a garden party […]

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Learn How To Stencil A DIY Drum Light

Learn how to stencil a DIY stenciled lamp shade using the Houndstooth Stencil pattern. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/wall_stencil_houndstooth.html

Cutting Edge Stencils Shares Simple Steps for Stenciling A Lamp Shade! Good Morning, my DIY crafters! In the past, Cutting Edge Stencils has given you lots of stencil ideas to help you liven up those limp lamp shades with a pop of color and a pretty stenciled pattern.  Today we’re going to give you the […]

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How to Upcycle A Table with the Charlotte Stencil

Stencil Tutorial: How to upcycle a table using the Charlotte Allover Stencil. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/charlotte-allover-stencil-pattern.html

Stencils Add Personality To DIY Projects Welcome back, my makeover mavins! How many hours did you spend this past weekend scouring Pinterest and admiring all those clever DIY upcycle ideas?  You can tell us, we were doing the same thing! Cutting Edge Stencils  believes in making the most of your furnishings by repurposing or upcycling […]

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Learn How to Create Stenciled Moss Graffiti

DIY stenciled moss graffiti using the Zamira Allover Stencil. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/moroccan-stencil-designs.html

Stenciled Moss Art For Your Garden in Four Simple Steps Good Morning, my DIY friends!  Cutting Edge Stencils is in a ‘Think Spring’ mode.  First we shared Pantone’s picks for trendy springtime colors in this post, then we launched our Spring Stencil Sale (take 20% off all stencils using the code SPRING2014), and now we’re […]

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How To Create Stenciled Canvas Art

Learn how to create DIY stenciled canvas wall art using the Flock of Cranes Stencil. http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/bird-flock-wall-stencil-pattern.html

Stenciled Canvas Art For Your Walls in Four Simple Steps Good Morning, my DIY friends!   Cutting Edge Stencils is always shouting from the stenciled rooftops that stencils can transform walls, ceilings and furniture, but have we mentioned that you can also use stencils to create inexpensive works of art?  Whether your bare walls are restricted […]

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